Types of Braces

As your provider of Muscle Shoals braces and clear braces, we at Hudson Orthodontics recognize the importance of offering a comprehensive selection of orthodontic treatments. After all, no two patients are exactly the same; each patient has his or her own needs – orthodontically and otherwise. We put all our effort and dedication into making sure that we have the Muscle Shoals orthodontics needed to fulfill the needs of each and every one of our patients.

Metal Braces

This is the traditional type of orthodontics that you’re probably most familiar with. While these are the most noticeable types of braces, modern brackets are actually much smaller and less noticeable than they’ve been in the past. Also, these are the least expensive type of orthodontics, allowing a patient to have a more cost-effective treatment. Kids may also enjoy our Muscle Shoals braces because they have the option of changing the colors of the bands.

Clear Aligners

Unlike the previous methods that use brackets and wires, clear aligners uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to shift a patient’s teeth, essentially making them a type of Muscle Shoals clear braces. A patient will wear a set of aligners for two weeks before moving onto the next set, allowing the aligners to gradually straighten the patient’s teeth. While Invisalign is more expensive, our clear aligners treatment offers an unparalleled level of convenience and affordability. Clear aligners allows a patient to continue eating whatever he or she wants, it provides more comfort, and it’s practically invisible.

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