Ways To Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Ways To Protect Your Teeth During Sports In Muscle Shoals
Posted on 08/13/2019
Ways To Protect Your Teeth During Sports In Muscle Shoals

Ways To Protect Your Teeth During Sports In Muscle Shoals

Athletic sports are the perfect way to exercise and burn energy. Unfortunately, sports can also increase our risk of dental related accidents. At Hudson Orthodontics, our staff want to ensure that you and your family are taking all the necessary steps to protect your teeth, mouth, and metal braces in Muscle Shoals. In an intense competition or even a quick pick-up game with friends, it's easy to knock into another player, get hit with the ball, or fall down. And, this is not just for kids. Both children and adults should protect their teeth and ceramic braces with athletic mouthguards and helmets when playing sports. Don’t worry, your family orthodontist in Muscle Shoals, AL has the advice and resources to keep your teeth safe and protected, and your metal braces intact.

Ways To Protect Your Teeth During Sports In Muscle Shoals

The Most Important Sports Equipment: The Mouthguard

At Hudson Orthodontics, we cannot stress this enough: always wear a mouthguard when playing sports. This goes for kids and adults. Most people believe a mouthguard is only needed in sports like football, boxing, and hockey, because they are high impact. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You should wear a mouthguard when playing most sports, others include soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, and skateboarding. Although these sports may not be defined as contact sports, they certainly can have high impact situations leading to dental trauma or emergencies. As your orthodontist in Muscle Shoals, AL, we want to prevent dental problems like chipped teeth, jaw dislocation, broken braces, and concussions.

Types of Mouthguards: Which Is Best?

The Hudson Orthodontics team recommends a mouthguard during sports, no matter what. But, there are some important distinctions between the different types of mouthguards. The three main types of mouthguards include:

  • Off the shelf: These mouthguards can be purchased in many places like your average sporting goods store. The mouthguards come in various shapes and sizes to best fit your mouth. Unfortunately, although they have different sizes, it does not mean that the mouthguard will “fit” your mouth, teeth, and metal braces. Often, they need to be kept in place with your teeth clenched, which can be uncomfortable and difficult for an entire sports activity.Off the shelf
  • Boil & Bite: These mouthguards are a step up from the off the shelf mouthguard. Again, they can be found in most sporting goods stores and are inexpensive. The technique with these mouthguards is to boil them for a short period of time, then place them in your mouth with your teeth clenched. The softened plastic will fit around your teeth and mouth like a custom fit. The boil & bite mouthguards give more comfort to the wearer, but can still miss full mouth coverage.
  • Orthodontic custom fit: At Hudson Orthodontics, our orthodontist believes the orthodontic custom fit mouthguard is the best option and will provide any wearer the most mouth and tooth coverage. We will custom fit a mouthguard to your teeth that will be comfortable while providing full coverage against dental trauma. Ask your orthodontist in Muscle Shoals about a custom fit mouthguard today!

High Impact Sports: Wear A Helmet

If you are playing football or hockey or any other high impact sport, you should also wear a helmet. Helmets provide an extra layer of protection for your entire head, face, and mouth. For particular sports, you should wear a helmet that is specifically designed for that sport, and if a face guard is needed, make sure your helmet has one. For example, a cycling helmet should never be worn while playing football and vice versa. If you have questions about which helmet is right for you or your child, please consult Hudson Orthodontics. We will ensure your teeth, mouth, and ceramic braces are protected throughout your practices and games.

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For all your dental sport and braces needs, come by Hudson Orthodontics, conveniently serving the entire Muscle Shoals, AL area! It is our goal to keep your teeth, mouth, and clear braces intact during any sporting event. We never want to keep you from doing your favorite activities, we just want you and your family to be safe. For all mouthguard and helmet questions or concerns, never hesitate to ask our orthodontist or our staff. We are more than happy to help! Call or stop by Hudson Orthodontics for your new mouthguard today!