TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment in Muscle Shoals, AL

Our team at Hudson Orthodontics is dedicated to helping all of our patients live happy, healthy lives by bettering their smiles. As the leading orthodontic provider serving Muscle Shoals and surrounding areas such as Tuscumbia and Sheffield, we're proud to offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic services, from adult orthodontics to clear aligners. While braces and Invisalign are wonderful ways to achieve a straighter and more beautiful smile, orthodontic treatment isn't all about aesthetics - it can also be used to treat a variety of problems related to your teeth and jaw, including TMJ.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ itself stands for Temporomandibular Joint, meaning the jaw joint. Colloquially, however, many people use the acronym TMJ to refer to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMD. TMJ/TMD is most often experienced as chronic jaw pain, but it can present a range of symptoms.

Symptoms Of TMJ/TMD

Many people believe that experiencing a clicking/popping noise or sensation when chewing, yawning, or opening their jaw means that they have TMJ. However, this isn't necessarily true. Though these "pops" can indicate TMJ, the true signs and symptoms of TMD include:'

  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic earaches
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Pain or difficulty opening the mouth wide
  • Facial muscle spasms
  • Pain in the jaw or face

How Is TMJ Diagnosed?

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms of TMJ, it's important for you to visit your local Muscle Shoals orthodontist for an evaluation. At our office, Dr. Hudson can examine the joint tissue in the "hinge" of your jaw and assess what levels of damage and/or deterioration you are dealing with.

How Is TMJ Treated?

Most cases of TMJ can be managed with an orthodontist-recommended regimen of over-the-counter pain relievers, facial massage techniques you can perform at home, and dietary changes. These action steps can help you alleviate your jaw pain while allowing your joint the opportunity to heal itself.

More serious cases of TMJ, however, may require orthodontic intervention. In these cases, Dr. Hudson is able to create a custom-fitted night guard to protect your jaw from nighttime teeth grinding, and can also provide you with metal braces, Damon self-ligating braces, or clear aligners to improve your tooth alignment and resolve your TMJ pain. In the most serious cases, Dr. Hudson may also recommend orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery).

Treat Your TMJ Pain In Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, And Tuscumbia

There's no need for you to suffer through headaches, jaw pain, or the other discomforts caused by TMJ. Book an appointment online with your Muscle Shoals orthodontist to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan for your TMD! We are proud to provide exceptional orthodontic care to the communities of Muscle Shoals and surrounding areas including Sheffield and Tuscumbia. We look forward to seeing you and setting you on the path towards a healthy, beautiful, and pain-free smile!